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- Web design is where digital architects create designs in a virtual world

The keystone of your digital footprint

Whilst social media is a formidable platform for making your mark in the world, there's no place like home and your own website is yours for you to own. It's where you will always be and can always be found. Social platforms may come and go in popularity and take your content with them. Your website is yours to keep. It's yours to express yourself, your business, your products or services. It puts you in the driving seat of creating your real estate on the web.

Friendly, jargon free support with your website journey

Whether you are planning a new website or looking to upgarde an existing one we can assit you with jargon free advice. We've seen too many people fall into traps of not owning their domain name, troublesome hosting companies that looked good when it said hosting from £1.99 per month but you then get stuck with expensive add-ons or inflated year 2 prices. Then you become stuck, potentially with a website that you can't move and also stopping you from moving on.

We welcome the chance to discuss your plans at an early stage if only to stop you becoming exposed to a trap being hidden by an attractive offer that you don't fully understand.

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Decisions, decisions . . . where to start?

Choosing a web platform is an important factor in knowing where to start with a web development project. There are many web design tools on the market where you can easily begin to build a site on rented land. From our years of experince, we would advocate using a web building platform that provides portability so you can own, and move your site if the need arises in the future.

Wordpress - a platform that grows with you

Wordpress has been powering web design since 2003 and now used by 35% of web users. Along with over 55,000 plugins for additional functionality, and over 30,000 themes, it's the big daddy of web design platforms

It's an ideal platform for beginners and professionals alike to build introductory web sites of a few pages through to ecommerce online stores or membership sites.

Full web development service for your start up or small business

We provide a full web development service that takes your concepts and ideas, adds in our creative flair and technical skills to bring your web site into reality. We can take care of all the technical aspects of the development including web site hosting, backups, Wordpress maintenance to keep your site running smoothly.

Once your site is live it's important to remember that nothing is set in stone and we can manage ongoing content and site structure updates for you. Alternatively, the Wordpress platform has the scope to provide you, or anyone you choose to appoint, access to the back end control panel to be able to manage your site's content.

We are happy to encourage self build DIY web designers

We understand that Wordpress isn't too easy to get started with when compared to some other enticing online apps. It can be frustrating and off-putting for the would-be DIY web designer. This is why we provide affordable pre-configured ready-to-go Wordpress installations and are on hand to be your safety net to support you with those niggly little annoying problems that may hold you back on your web design journey.

Help - Website emergency service

You've got a problem with your site and lost touch with the original designer. You don't know who hosts your site.

You need to upgrade your site but the current platform doesn't have the features, or the upgrade looks very expensive.

We've helped many clients recover from what seemed like some sticky situations with their website. The chances are we've helped someone else through the dilemma you may be facing.

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SEO - don't forget the search engine optimisation

To this day it still amazes us why so many people build a site or hire a designer to build one for them and then go on to worry about the SEO later.

All of our new build sites have an SEO strategy as an integral part of the build. That's not to say that the SEO is complete. Regular monitoring of Google's webmaster tools will lead to reviews of the SEO implementation. Equally, your business model or focus may change and your site's SEO will then need updating accordingly.

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