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Thinking about design is hard,
but not thinking about it can be disastrous


- Ralph Caplan

Creative Brand design for Oakham Rutland based Podcast channel - CuriousFire
Instagram video used to solicit opinion

Brand Development for Curious Fire Podcast

It's curious and makes you think. It sets your thoughts on fire. This brand development took inital logo ideas into a range of visuals to gauge audience reaction. This ultimately lead to a collection of graphics for social platform profiles and branded content.

Love Jars leading supplier of jam jars and jam making equipment based in Oakham Rutland

Love Jars

Custom built ecommerce solution for a leading supplier of jam jars and jam making equipment.

Write Notes Rutland based producer of boutique handmade notesbooks and planners wordpress woocommerce website design

Write Notes

A Wordpress with WooCommerce online store for luxury notebooks.

Linen Shirt Company The Linen Shirt Company are passionate about Irish design and have been creating and manufacturing in Ireland since 1972. They are third generation designers, and love the trade and craft at the roots their Company's story.

Linen Shirt Company

A Wordpress with WooCommerce online store for 100% Irish Linen Shirts - Made in Ireland.

Christening Generations Miriam is determined to share her passion with others through her work. By customizing a bridal gown into a Christening Robe she believes in some small way it will preserve memories to pass on. Future generations should have the opportunity to hold their beautiful wedding gown in their arms.

Christening Generations

A Wordpress web development showcasing handmade Christening Gowns.

North House Gallery  website designed in Oakham Rutland for an Art Gallery

North House Gallery

An uncluttered showcase of art exhibitions staged at North House Gallery

Jam Guild Wordpress Membership website developed for Oakham Rutland based business

Jam Guild

Membership website for The Guild of Jam and Preserve Makers - a specialist membership organisation representing artisan and home production of jams and preserves.

Rosie Makes Jam  wordpress web site develpoment for Oakahm Rutland small business

Rosie Makes Jam

Her name is Rosie and yes, she makes Jam!

United Plates United Plates is the unique one-stop support service for the food & beverage sector

United Plates

A Wordpress web development showcasing the services of this Food & Beverage Consultancy.

Book Design and Publishing  for Oakham, Rutland based Author

Book Design and Publishing

A 300 page autobiographical recipe book, designed, edited, printed and published.

ABL Publishing - New York  branding and book cover design. Graphic design in Rutland studio

ABL Publishing - New York

Book cover design for paperback and hardback books. Yes, I had to work in inches for this American client. The project also included a range of social media and promotional graphics.

Visual Content - Jam Guild  graphic design for food consultancy in Oakham Rutland

Visual Content - Jam Guild

An array of visual media to be used across digital channels including social media, surveys & results, web, training presentations.

Howard Hughes International  creative business card design - Rutland Studio

Howard Hughes International

It just took a spark of inspitaion from a Firewalk instructor to set the creative thoughts on fire for this distinctive sized business card.

Cafe Menus  design and print of cafe menus from Rutland print Studio

Cafe Menus

What's on the menu? Creative design, on-brand typography and a satisfied customer.

Rollup Banners  design and print of wide format print - Rutland Studio

Rollup Banners

Desiging roll up banners - you've got to make them stand out from the crowd.

Sow Enchanted  brand and logo design from  - Rutland design studio.

Sow Enchanted

When you need a name and logo for your new business and you are an Irish hand crafted seed paper maker.

Social Media Talks  brand styling and logo design from Rutland design studio.

Social Media Talks

Visual design created for Kompass Media as an extension to their brand to help launch them into the Podcasting world.

Grapvine Line Dancing  logo makeover and design work at Rutland design studio.

Grapvine Line Dancing

A logo makeover as a precursor to web design project

E Book - Training Guides  PDF download ebook training guides produced by Rutland design studio.

E Book - Training Guides

Digital Books, brochures, training guides design and produced as downloadable PDF files.

Digital Magazine - Simply Preserved  design and publication from  - Rutland design studio.

Digital Magazine - Simply Preserved

Design and publication of a quarterly online magazine. Typically 40 full colour A4 pages.

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