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Trevor Lorkings
The Digital Alchemist

Graphic Designer - Web Develoepr - Entrepreneur

I was born to be creative and now I'm creative in a digital world

In the beginning

My fascination with typography and graphic design began during the pre-internet era when Letraset dry-transfer rub down letting was the latest trend. At the same time, I was also keen to learn more about computers and programming and the launch of the Sinclair ZX81 started me down that road - that was 1981.

The Corporate Years

This fascination and learning was a hobby which sat in the background of a 20 year career in purchasing from Assistant Buyer at a family run Commercial Stationers, to a Group Purchasing Manager for a chemicals & plastics corporation.

Hello Internet

By the turn of the Century, the Internet was beginning to appear in people's homes. It was the time to merge my creative design skills with computer programming and start building web sites. I had a hunch that this passing fad was not a fad and wouldn't pass. It was the start of self-employment with my own design agency.

Online Business Development

It was a steep learning curve assisting small to medium sized business align their marketing strategies with the possibilities that were being brought about by the emerging world wide web. I developed a number of eCommerce websites, that are now run by our family business. This hands-on experience provided a great opportunity to learn many aspects of business, including branding, marketing, sales, warehousing, logistics, customer service, finance, funding, HR, legal, international trade, intellectual property and a whole lot more.

An eCommerce Entrepreneur

Along with my Entrepreneurial Wife we run a successful online jam jar selling business.

It's Magic

I've retained a number of long standig clients as I now work under the guise of The Digital Alchemist which allows me to work my magic within the digital media arena; whether it's graphic design for print, web, video or social media, web design & development, video editing and production, motion graphics.