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Video & Motion Graphics

Animation is just another way of telling a story

- Christopher Miller

Static images are great, but sometimes they only go so far. It is hard to deny that video content on the internet is growing at a fast pace, so the time has never been better than to get started with your own video and motion graphic productions. Whether it's a fully fledged tutorial video or a short promotional GIF for social media, the Digital Alchemist have got you covered.

  • Video is incredibly shareable, and is great for making waves on social media.
  • Web pages that feature embedded video hold a reader's attention for longer.
  • Animations are a great way of adding personality if you are nervous about appearing on camera.

Christmas brand awareness video for boutique hotel
Socially sharable motion graphics promo for accountacy
Promotional motion graphics production for The BlackBeltMastermind
Getting outside of your comfort zone . . . maybe
Reach out and touch life
Do you want to stand out from the crowd
Opening title sequence for MyWayAccess video productions
We can have a laugh too

I'd love to help you with some creative video production ideas

a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination

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